Empty Faces Investigations
Warning: This Site Contains Spoilers

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 or email: walter@emptyfaces.com

Warning This Website Does Contain Spoilers For The Empty Faces Cases!

What Is Empty Faces?

Empty Faces is an immersive paranormal investigation... where everything rests on your shoulders. From the creators of 'Hunt A Killer' comes the fastest-growing thriller subscription box ever! 

How Much Does Empty Faces Cost?

Subscriptions start at $26 per month and will bill automatically on the anniversary of your sign up date and your episode will ship 3-5 business days after your billing date. 

1. Month to month: $30/month

2. Five Month Pre-Pay: $28/month

3. Ten Month Pre-Pay: $26/month

How Many Episodes Per Season?

Each season will have five episodes. So the suspense won't kill you for long...or will it? 

How To Play?

  1. Join the Horror!
  2. An evil force has a sinister message for you... Can you interpret what all it means?
  3. You may think you're alone... But you're not. Work together with our online Facebook community.
  4. Need help getting started? Click here and read the "Getting Started" instructions!


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