Episode One

Warning This Section Will Contain Spoilers From Cyphers For Episode One

The Notebook that comes in the episode one box has the initials "EF" in the symbolic alphabet that Grace's Instructions are written in. Using these two letters we can fill in and work out the remaining letters in the cypher text. The cypher reads:

Rite of sage stain

Orient sage to center of room

Ignite one end of sage

Rotate smoke to sage

Stain entire area

Repeat for all rooms

Stop smoke and place sage in pot or tin

Feel Peace

The flags are paired in green and red colours. Read the page like a book from left to right.

The tree rubbing uses a flag signalling system called Semaphore. 

Using the flag system to decode the message it reads:

you like Samhain gift I made for your birthday you my only friend

This practice page is found on Kayla and Bella's blog and intended for Kayla to practice the alphabet of Bella's ancestors for reading the hex (spell) book. After already decrypting Grace's Instructions this is easily decrypted using the same alphabet. The message reads:

Strong plants are got in moonlit fields near moonlit trees

Don't step in a stream if a leap can do

Good tidings in a pocket rock

Tea kettle tea kettle kinglet said

The doctor's memo has a hidden message in the colours of the document. The most used two colours are blue and yellow, which of course make green. Reading the green portions of the letter reveals a message of:

Steady hold on her condition. We do not expect her to recover.

The Sage blog section has another Semaphore flag signalling system message of:

Using the Semaphore system we translate this as: