Scanned Diary Pages
Episode One

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

These diary pages are taken from Isabella's diary and give us an insight into her very small and sheltered world. She has befriended a girl named Kayla and is starting to experience life outside of her Grandmother's control. But you can tell she is feeling torn about it. She is also amazed that life is so big and exciting outside of her wooded tiny world with her Grandmother. 

She tells about the blog that her and Kayla have started and is torn about this also. She knows her Grandmother would not approve but does not see the harm in it herself so proceeds. The blog is sharing some of her practice with the world. 

She speaks of her frustration about the double meaning of words and the frustration with the language. It's almost as if she's been asleep for decades or more and just now joining the world. She has written down a list of phrases popular with the younger crowd that she wants to be sure to learn so that she doesn't appear to be so out of touch.