Dreams Part 2 Cypher
Episode Two

Warning This Section Will Contain Spoilers From Cyphers For Episode Two

After putting the enchanted paper in water it reveals the password needed for this section of the Dreams Part 2 blog. To see how to get the password for this section please visit here. Once we have accessed this section we have the following passage:

OK, we've already talked about 23 dreams a little bit, but there's so much m20ore to say. I didn't realize t20hat dreams could be so important. Isa22bella says that she's actually had a3 bunch of dreams that have come true, which, like, I can't even.

I didn't realize this doesn't happen to everyone! 22

Yeah, no, 14not everyone has prophetic dreams. That is definitely a "sen9sitive people" o9nly thing.

Well, it seems natur8al to me. It's not really so different from dre3aming about someth10hing that's already hap13pened, is it?

OK, sure, except for the fac15t that is literally hasn't happened y15et.

13But what's the difference between the present and f19uture, really? Those are such thin boundaries15. We're passing from the present into the future all the time, 0 aren't we19? And it shouldn't be difficult to sense the things that are g0oing to happen to us. Those seeds 17 have already been planted in our lives. Everyth22ing that comes to pass happens because of choices 19 we've already ma24de that lay the ground for what's to come.

OK, 8this is getting way to deep for me LOL. Anyway, here are some more dream meanings from the hex3 book:

Cat - Walking between wo2rlds, companionship

Cave - Secrets, exploration, hidden depths 5

Cuckoo11 - Spring is on its way, something has changed without you noticing it

Deer - You are 'on the hunt' for something; a dead or dying deer can mean illness is coming 0

Festival - Celebration or joy, nosta17lgia for childhood

Fire - New life from destruction, hope in a dark sit18uation

Flood - A dange18r or threat you feel is inescapable, being overwhelmed

Kidnapping - Something outside your control11, getting "carried away"

Rainbow - Something unusual10 is going to happen, relief from suffering

Singing - A message you want to express, the meaning depends on 11 ethe song

Sunset - Coming to an end20

L14ike I said before, there are just so many symbols in drea7ms that we could probably do a hundred 5 of these posts and we'd still have 22stuff to talk about.

We could certainly do ano21ther post on this subject! If you don't think it'll11 be too "deep".

Sorry I'm not as wise as you! S22ome of us aren't super sensitive natural witches, jeez.

I beg your pardon, what have I told you ab9out that word!

Using these numbers along with the solved spirit alphabet cypher sentence of:

Hush Dear Baby

Hear The Rain

Hush And Sleep

Be Calm Again

We will perform a progressive shift cypher. The first number of 23 will be the shift for the letter "H". Shifting backwards in the alphabet 23 letters we get to the letter "K". So H=K. 

The second number of 20 will be a negative shift for the second letter in our sentence of "U". Shifting backwards in the alphabet 20 letters we get to the letter "A". So U=A.

We repeat this process for all the numbers and letters until we get the final sentence of:

Kayla I miss you please yarrow key is summertime help me

At the bottom of the page for this section of the blog is also an audio file that some may not have the ability to play: