Yarrow Cypher
Episode Two

Warning This Section Will Contain Spoilers From Cyphers For Episode Two

After finishing the cypher for the spirit alphabet and the shift cypher from the Dreams Part 2 blog page, we are led to the password for "Yarrow" on the blog. This leads to the following page:

After eliminating all of the "Kayla" that is spelled backwards (alyak) on the page we are left with a message written transversed. See example below.

Depending on whether we read the message from top to bottom or keep in line with the style of the writing and read from bottom to top, we get either of the following messages:

Help please. Me hear. You can help. Hollow without body. Help. Soul me. Help please. Stay. Can't I. (top to bottom)


I can't stay. Please help me. Soul. Help. Body without hollow. Help can you hear me. Please help. (bottom to top)

Also on the bottom of the page is another message written in the Semaphore flag signalling system. 

Using the flag system this message is translated to: