Grace's Letter
Episode Three

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Grace goes into more detail about the light and a darkness and lightning that she so very much fears. She is very worried that she has made an error in judgement by inviting us into this situation and would never forgive herself if something were to happen to us because of it. She tells us that she woke to find a message, not unlike the tree rubbing from a previous episode, carved into her door and has sent it to us. She has also sent us twine and beads as a charm to ward off evil. She tells us to tie knots in the twine as we state our will and put the beads on the twine and hang it by the entrance to our home. She has also anointed the twine with oil of rosemary to make the spell stronger. She reminds us that she sent us the prism and that we should use it for finding evil. Grace also sent us a shadow vista, like the ones she played with as a girl, and instructs us to use it. Lastly, she has sent us a letter from Kayla that she is afraid to open. She says it has been too close to the lightening and she cannot risk opening it, but since we walk in the lightning daily that we should be fine in reading it.