Diary Pages
Episode Three

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

These diary pages show us that Isabella is starting to feel like two different people. The one side of her is the side that lives happily tucked away with Granny, never leaving. The other side is the carefree girl that spends time with Kayla and enjoys freedom. But she is worried that the two sides of herself are drifting further and further apart and is concerned with the gap left in the middle. She tells us that Kayla has started summer vacation and they have plans to go swimming everyday. She plans on taking Kayla to a clearing in the woods that is her private place and she hopes that Arawn doesn't mind her taking Kayla there. She also enlightens us to the source of The Blue House passage book that we received in the last episode, it came from Kayla. She finds many parallels between her own life and the girls in the book, causing her to cry.