"Defeat The Dark" Hidden Link
Episode Four

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers From Cyphers For Episode Four

There are two sections to the Maledictions part of Kayla and Bella's blog's hidden link. When clicking the words "defeat the dark" it opens to the following page:

We have seen a cypher similar to this one in episode two with the Yarrow cypher, except this one is slightly different. All of the words are written as anagrams. After eliminating all of "Kayla" from the page we are left with seven anagram messages:


help I am




can't find


my home away


the labyrinth


the labyrinth


the way home

Help. I am wayfaring. Can't find my away home. The labyrinth. The labyrinth. The way home.

The semaphore flag message at the bottom of this cypher reads:


The second cypher that is contained in this hidden link is a pop up window that pops up a few second after you open the link. It is a scrolling screen with 35 sets of semaphore flag messages that repeat when you get to the bottom. Once decrypted the cypher reads:

I am the gleaming darkness that devours. You will know me and despair not. For in my hollow land there is no light that shines will dispel me from the endless labyrinth that encircles all.