Letter From Kayla
Episode Four

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Kayla gives us a key piece of information for this case in this letter. She tells Granny that when she came back from vacation with her family she brought a bracelet back as a present for Isabella. When Isabella put it on she also took off the enchanted bracelet that Granny made for her for protection. In Isabella's diary she says she never wants to take the bracelet off and she also writes "She says it's no big deal but it sets me free makes me thing of sunshine..." In her diary "sets me free" is crossed out like the spirit inside her forced her to write it but Kayla crossed it out. So this is the moment when the demon entered her, when she took off her enchanted bracelet from Granny. She goes on to write (and cross out again) that she can feel something inside of her and she starts having episodes where "darkness" washes over her. She said that everything for miles felt like it went dark with her heart racing, head spinning, and she felt feverish. How long had the being been watching her? Why did he pick her to enter? What is his purpose/end game?