Maledictions Blog
Episode Four

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

After completing the ritual with the nail and the water, we have the password for the blog entry "Maledictions". To see how to how to get the password for this blog please visit here. Once we open Maledictions, we are led to the following passage:

OK, this one is WAY beyond me, so I'm just gonna turn this one over to Isabella so she can explain:

Maledictions are just what we call dark practice. These are mostly spells that are used to hurt people, like a curse or what ordinary people might call a hex. Granny and I don't do this kind of magic, generally, but earth magic does draw on both the light and the dark at times.

There are all kinds of maledictions. You can cast a spell to make someone sick, or influence their mind, or harrow someone, which means sending suffering after them and letting the magic choose the form the suffering will take.

Yikes, that's cold.

Maledictions can be really cruel, but they aren't always malicious. Sometimes you need a little bit of dark magic to help along the light. Granny explained it to me this way: if you had an infection in a limb that no medicine could cure, you'd have to cut it off. In any other situation, cutting off someone's limb would be an unkind thing to do to them, but if it will save their life, a little bit of a bad thing may be the best option there is. Some maledictions are used to fight off evil, or reveal evil intentions, because only the dark's methods can defeat the dark.

This sounds so intense. Have you ever done a dark spell like this?

No, Granny doesn't let me do any kind of darker magic, or even look at any spells that come close to being considered true maledictions, because she says it's too dangerous. I think it's probably just that she doesn't think I'm strong enough yet, but maybe someday. Although, to be honest, I'm not sure I'd want to. Granny says they can steal something from the practitioner. You might not even feel it, but the darkness can leave a permanent mark on you, I guess you'd say. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to risk it.

The section that says "defeat the dark" that is italicised above, has a hidden link on the blog site that leads to another cypher called "Defeat The Dark" along with 35 sets of semaphore flag messages to solve. To see how to solve these cyphers please visit here