Episode Five

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers AND The FINAL SOLUTION For The Season!

Using the semaphore flags we have gathered over the five episodes and putting them in order backwards, we get the following website:






After clicking "Enter" you will be taken to the following page where you can click on either "L" as highlighted in the following picture:

Either "L" takes you to either an option for the "Maze" or the "Labyrinth". The "Maze" takes you back to the original home screen with "Enter" again. The "Labyrinth" takes you to the following page:

Instead of clicking any of these options, we are to follow the instructions from Lost In The Labyrinth. The passage tells us, "When she was reached her warren, she went in search of a safe place. First she went down and to the right..." So we are to go down and to the right on the main page as follows:

There is a slightly shaded area down and to the right on the main page of the iknowdarkclouds.com website. Once we click on this slightly shaded area we are taken to the following page:

Again, using the Lost In The Labyrinth passage we follow the green cicada just as we do in the book page. After clicking on the green cicada we are asked the question:

"Who is she?"

We can easily answer this because of the evidence on the spell instructions page. After doing the spell we find Isabella's True Name is "Dair" which means "Oak Tree". To see how to complete the spell please visit here. Answering the question with "oaktree" we are now taken to the following page:

We again look to the Lost In The Labyrinth passage for instructions. The cicada tells us "The green cicada said, "Every flower fades in time." Clicking on the flower below the words "and run.", like outlined in the picture above, we are taken to the following page:

We are asked for a "Username". This is Isabella's True Name, "Dair". After entering Isabella's True Name and clicking submit we are taken to the following page:

We now rely on the Isabella herself to light our path. Isabella tells us "The labyrinth is the key to many doorways. Once you have gone far enough and invoked my true name, knock twice on the glass and twice and twice and twice again until my sight goes dark." By clicking on the screen multiple times until the screen goes dark we are taken to the following page:

After a few moments Isabella starts to speak. She says the following:

"You got my messages. You set me free. Your actions have put light to the darkness. I knew you would. Granny knew you would. The darkness that had ahold of me is gone now. I can sense it. I'm safe. I really think Granny will be safe now too. I feel warm again. I can feel the light again. I can hear the ocean. I can't return to my body. There's too much lightning in it. It wasn't me anyway. I've been looking forward to my freedom. I'm looking forward to seeing Granny again in her dreams. Even though it will only be to say goodbye. I know she'll be happy to see me too. I miss her smile. How warm she can be. I will visit Kayla too and say goodbye. I love her and I know I can never express to her how much. And I can never thank you enough. I wish I could see your face but it's hidden from me. I don't know why. There's no time to worry now. I am going. I have to say goodbye before I am truly free. Before I dissipate into nothing. Before I am scattered throughout the universe. Before I am scattered. Apart of me will always be with you. I will never be able to repay you. But you have my eternal gratitude. And my love. Thank you."