Deer Survey
Episode One

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The Deer Survey link is found in the documents sent in the evidence in episode one and I will link it below:

All of the answers to the questions in the Survey can be found either in the evidence from episode one or on the website below:

The answers to the Deer Survey are as follows:

1. A - To seek Truth

2. B - Fawn

3. B - Obedience

4. D - "Come O Mountain, bless my climb."

5. B - "for our minds are open to the future."

6. C - The Spark of the Universe

7. A - Sorrow

8. A - "for they have endured already what you endure."

9. D - To follow

10. D - I am an eternal soul.

The Survivors website also has a hint for solving the Deer Survey. In the "Forum" under "Survivors Stories" the last entry made by "DT8996" has the following at the bottom:

One first
Two third
Three second
Four last
Five second
Six third
Seven first
Eight first
Nine last
Ten last 

Which are the answers also.