Survivor Website
Episode One

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The handwritten note leads to the survivor website listed below. To see how to solve the cypher that leads to this website please visit here.

This website has a section for the forum that has their own stories of how they escaped and how they feel now about Radiant Mountain. Most are relieved they are out and would never go back, but a few long for what Radiant Mountain stands for, Family, Unity, Truth. We are using a given username and password, given to us by an unknown person, but this same person has posted on the forum as the last post. This post also has a strange message that you can see what it goes to here:

One first
Two third
Three second
Four last
Five second
Six third
Seven first
Eight first
Nine last
Ten last 

Other sections of the website are password protected. One is a video that is under "Starting To Gain Some Traction" under the "News and Media" section that the password hint is "To unlock, use the True Name of Thomas, who lit the world." After trying many combinations for Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and even Benjamin Franklin, it's possible it could be the True Name of The Raven, the man who lights up the Family's world instead. It could be meant as a more figurative meaning instead of a literal meaning. Much in this website will have to be figured out with future episodes.