Episode One

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Veridiction - noun. A statement that is true according to the worldview of a particular subject, rather than objectively true.

This phrase was coined by Michael Foucault and is interesting considering that the views and whole creed of Radiant Mountain is called the Veridiction of Raven Welgram III. 

According to the pamphlet there are three levels in the Radiant Mountain Family: 

Deer: the lowest level of Family and the "foundation"

Sparrow: the second level of the Family and those that reach out to the world

Squirrel: the third level of the Family and what appears to be those that are the elders

The Raven: the top level of the Family and is the head of the Family, Welgram III.

They speak quite a bit about love of Family, love of Self, and Truth. Also deeply about Divinity and the Spark of the Universe, which seem very spiritual and important to them.

We are never given the Raven's first name, he is simply referred to as Raven.