Episode Three
Veridical Codex Umbra

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers 

This is the sequel to the Veridical Codex Lux that we were sent last month. It gives us detailed instructions on how we are to participate in the Family and what powers the Raven has. There are chants, rites, rituals, songs, vows, litanies and benedictions. There are two sections, The Litany of Many Appellations and The Litany of Many Instruments that are the only numbered sections in the whole Codex. Both of these passages have 25 lines. To see how to solve the cypher that is combined with the Raven's letter please visit here

The Codex goes through and tells us the names of many different gods. But only some are ones that exist and they are all from many different religions:

  1. Hapi - Nile god of fish and birds of the marshes and the bringer of vegetation. 
  2. Raijin - Japanese mythology is god of lightning, storms, and thunder

  3. Ṣàngó - Is a one of the most powerful ruler of Yorubaland and is known for his anger

  4. Xolotl - Aztec mythology is associated with the sun and would guard the sunset as it would travel through the underworld every night

  5. Dian Mu - Chinese mythology is the mother of lightening

  6. Shamhurish - Moroccan mythology is the guard of the gate of the fifth palace

  7. Barbas - in the  Ars Goetia that represents a lion

  8. Aosaginobi - a night heron with a mysteriously illuminated body

  9. Bhasmasura - Hindu is the one who turns to ashes

  10. Purba - Indo-Tibetan Buddhism is a three-sided peg, stake, or nail like implement

  11. Summanus - Roman god of nocturnal thunder 

  12. Enenra - Japanese monster composed of smoke and darkness

  13. Arawn - Welsh king of the otherworld Annwn

  14. Vizaresh - Zoroastrianism that the Chinvat Bridge or Bridge of Requiter which separates the world of the living from the world of the dead