Episode Three
Note From Frederick To Daniel

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Frederick starts out by telling him that Frederick has performed the Ritual of Wisdom, invoking the name of Nansunartuala, which has allowed Frederick to be enlightened to the fact that Daniel and ourselves are plotting against the Family. He is angry with Daniel for allowing us to ascend too quickly to the status of Sparrow. He says it took him years to walk the Path and become a Sparrow and how arbitrary it is for us to get it this quickly. He says that we cannot be trusted this soon and this fast. He sounds almost like he is jealous that someone rose to this level faster than he did or as quick as we did. He is happy when people are struggling along the path and not moving too quickly. He sanctions Daniel and warns him that he will give him one more chance to explain himself before he takes the matter up with the Raven. We have a letter from the Raven, who seems to know of our ascension; what good will it do Frederick to tattle-tale on Daniel at this point? Daniel doesn't seem scared or worried in his letter to us.