Loyalty Survey

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The Loyalty Survey is found on the Radiant Mountain website and can be found after completing the cypher in Charlotte's Divine Entry. To see how to solve that cypher please visit here. The answers to the Loyalty Survey are as follows:

1. D - Yes, I'm ready to forge a new future for the Radiant Mountain

2. B - Yes, I worry they don't have the same doubt and anxieties I do

3. B - He's lost touch with the will of his people

4. B Sharing our wisdom with those below our rank

5. B - We should study it as it was first set down

6. C - Our loved one's lives

7. C - No, the blood does not need to flow

8. D - It was foretold that the Raven is not eternal 

9. D - With purifying fire

10. A - Yes, I'm ready to be one with the Divine