Experiment Memo

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The experiment memo has cyphertext hidden in every memo. Using a word in each memo that sticks out in some way or another as the key word, we can use a variant of the Vigenére cypher to solve. There is also a hint for us to know that this is a Vigenére cypher. At the end of the first memo the sentence "ASSISTANT RECOMMEDS USE OF LE CHIFFRE INDCHIFFRABLE" is written. Le Chiffre Indchiffrable literally means the indecipherable figure but when we dig a little deeper, we find that Blaise de Vigenére created the cypher in the 1500's and it was considered unbreakable, thus labeled "Le Chiffre Indchiffrable". To see how to solve this Vigenére cypher please visit here