Letter From Museum Curator

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter is from museum curator, June Novak, who welcomes us to the Apprentice Curator program and Grace, a well known practitioner of traditional medicine in the region who remembers the Strahlenberg Blast, apparently had a vision of us and believes we may be able to help June Novak, the curator. June describes that she is not imagining things, that she has always been level headed, but things are moving in her cabin from place to place, she hears footsteps, drawers found open that she knows she locked, etc., but when she looks at the security tapes there is nothing there. All is well. She mentions an audio recording that doesn't sound right to her. She can't explain it but it just doesn't sound right. She states that when we finish out first assignment we will gain access to this audio recording and be able to listen to it ourselves. Complete Assignment 1 at the link below to gain access to the audio. Find the password for the Assignment in your letter from the Director. To review the answers for this Assignment please visit here.