Meeting Minutes

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The motion was seconded in this  meeting by David Griffith to have a strike at the Strahlenberg Mine, but other things are brought up throughout the meeting also such as: pay from the mine and the fact that Strahlenberg wasn't competitive with other mines in the area, lack of workman's compensation for worker's suffering the drift, the concern over the mine's leadership and dysfunction in the leadership roles, and mine safety. During the meeting some people made other suggestions other than striking but David Griffith all but bullied them into the strike option, almost guilting them into it, and the strike won in the end with a 134 to 19 vote. 

Throughout this document in handwritten pen is various letters that don't make any sense. Before the first sentence starts, the words Correctronic 340 is written. This is a clue to how to solve these cyphers sentences. To see how to further solve these cypher sentences please visit here