Journal Entries

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

3 August 1873

This journal is choked full of cyphers. Too many to put the solutions to all of them here. So there will only be the solution to one of each type. For the first type of cypher we have the cypher text from entry dated 3 August 1873 that says:

Zmw z hgizmtv ortsg rm gsv wzipmvhh, gl

After some trial and error we find this is an Abtash cypher. An abtash cypher is basically each letter in the alphabet equals its mirrored letter. For example, you start with A=Z and B=Y and C=X and D=W etc. It's one of the more simplistic ways of coding. For the above cypher text we know the first letter is Z so that would equal A. To see a full key please visit the cypher tutorial page here. After solving this sentence we have the solution of:

And a strange light in the darkness, to

5 January 1876

We continue solving the cyphers in the journal in this manner until we get to the entry dated 5 January 1876. This cypher is basically the same but has a small twist. We have a cyphertext of:

Vsg vtznr ul hvmly ml vsg h'vezx illou hzs glm guvo bn hnzviw ilu ozivevh hgstrm dlm. R vvh irvsg hvmrogfl mvev mr bn tmrpzd hifls, mr vsg tmroifx tlu

We will still perform an abtash cypher on this sentence but we then will have to take it a step further. Each word will then have to be red in reverse. For example, once we perform the abtash cypher on the above sentence, we will have the following sentence:

Eht egami fo senob no eht s'evac roolf sah ton tfel ym smaerd rof lareves sthgin won. I ees rieht seniltuo neve ni ym gnikaw sruoh, ni eht gnilruc gof

Each word is written in reverse so we must reverse it to read it. "The" is the first word and the whole sentence says:

The image of bones on the cave's floor has not left my dreams for several nights now. I see their outlines even in my waking hours, in the curling fog.

9 July 1885

Starting on 9 July 1885 we have yet another twist to this cypher. Instead of it being written in reverse, the individual words are scrambled into anagrams! To see what an anagram is or how to solve replace visit the cypher tutorial here. For the cyphertext from that entry of:

Ur R lpol hoovxbl mlrg bn wiiivrnl hvvb, gvs togsr thmryv lg okbz irgpxh ml vn, tuiimgxzrv ooz zvmnim ul ixllo. R zxm poll gz shvlg lhilxo iul ifslh gz z nvrg.

We first will perform the abtash cypher and then we will need to unscramble each individual word. After completing the abtash step we are left with the following sentence:

Fi I oklo sllecyo noit ym drrreimo seey, teh glthi gsnibe ot lpya ritkcs no em, gfrrntcaie lla aenmrn fo rcool. I acn kloo ta hseot osrocl rfo ruhos ta a meit.

After completing the anagrams we have the following plaintext sentence:

If I look closely into my mirrored eyes, the light begins to play tricks on me, refracting all manner of color. I can look at those colors for hours at a time