Mining Company Memo

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The mining company memo from Strahlenberg Mining Company is written by Dr. Jonathan Young to Chairman of the Board, Otto Bergman. He is severely stressing the importance and need for the company to step in and take care of the men suffering with a disease called "drift". Chthonic dementia, or drift, is believed to be an airborne disease contracted deep in the mines in the priority zones such as "Hades". We first learned of Hades last month from Silas Kemp in his recording. To see how to listen to that recording please visit here. Dr. Jonathan Young includes a chart of progression on how the disease has progressively gotten worse and affected more people over the years, but for some reason there is a duplicate year in this chart, 1986. Is this an oversight on the doctor's part or is this intentional? On several places on the memo there is handwriting from the doctor that looks like something written in code. To see how to solve this please visit here