Exhibit Research

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The first piece of exhibit research that was sent to us is a flyer announcing the grand opening of the new exhibit, It All Came Crashing Down: Oral Histories Of The Strahlenberg Blast. Most importantly on this is a list of donors.

The second thing sent to us was a petition drawn up by the employees of the Strahlenberg Mining Company for the right for treatment for chthonic dementia, on the company's dime. It is signed by 23 employees and most importantly, lists their addresses.

The next document sent to us was a list of obituaries from the Blast with the following names: Nolan Brown, Lauren Harmon, David Griffith, Damian Grisham, Jeffrey Gordon, Anthony Hayes, Joseph Hayes, Paul Mitchell, Luis Parker, Robert Wheeling, and Mark Woolbright.

The last part of the research items sent to us was a crude map of Cooper's Rock.