Letter From Museum Curator

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Judy Novak, the Cooper Heritage Center Curator, tells us she went to see Elin at Blackbird Cabin and they spoke of David Griffith. Elin told Judy that he did not intend to blow up the mine, that he was simply trying to close a "rift" that had opened between her home and here and it was contaminating everything here, but she believes something went terribly wrong and this caused an explosion. She said she doesn't believe David is deceased, that he is merely stuck in the "other side", her "dark home", and she is waiting for the right time to be able to bring him back across. 

Elin showed Judy pages and pages of a secret language that David had left behind of symbols that resembled scars on her own body. Elin said if David tried to communicate he would do so using this method of symbols. 

Her post script mentions the night dust and that we will know it works when we add it to flame.